About Olivvi



Weaving its way throughout the streets, hearts beating together, forever interconnected.

We built the Olivvi brand with the city in mind. Weaving lines tell of the roads, the crosswalk, the grid that makes the city streets, and trac lines that lead the way.

The people, the streets, the buildings — she carries them close to her heart, as they do her. She leaves a bit of herself wherever she goes, marking her mark along the way.

We portray the grit of the city girl within the block letters of the logo. The name stands out among the brand with strength, yet remains simple not to overwhelm, allowing the clothes to lend their striking impression.

Some days she’s daring, other days she’s classy, and so too, the Olivvi logo can be portrayed in large font for a bold look or in smaller letters for a more feminine touch.

The strikethrough adds an element of audacity, portraying fierce confidence.

The city moves fast, talks fast, lives fast. The O icon moves continuously in a connected line, interwoven and interlinked.

We lend a cosmopolitan feel to the brand with the map icon embedded within the branding. It’s intricacy tells of carefully woven clothes and gives a larger-than-life vibe to the brand.

Moving ahead, always ahead,
Olivvi strides the fashion intersection with passion.